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The 5 MBAs with a scholarship in the United States


What is an MBA?

The MBA programs offered in the United States are 1 or 2 years long and allow you to study all business perspectives. In general MBAs, various aspects are studied, from human resources to financial analysis.

But there is also an ever-increasing offer of specialized MBAs in certain sectors, such as an MBA in Social Innovation, an MBA in Cultural Management, an MBA in Human Resources, an MBA in Emerging Markets, etc.

The impact of an MBA on your career

Many studies show the very positive effect of studying in the best business schools on the careers of students, and their salaries. And although the effects of 60% to 120% salary increases are perhaps somewhat exaggerated according to some academic articles, it is true that an MBA adds a plus to your resume. Change the course of your career. And a bonus of 25 to 30% is a substantial improvement for many employees.

In economic terms, these kinds of programs usually have a high monetary cost. MBAs in the top 10 are priced as high as $100,000 per year. Even lesser-known business school programs can easily charge $25,000 to $40,000 for tuition.


More than half of the MBA students are scholarship holders

However, many business schools have more than half of their MBA students on scholarships. Universities want students who are willing to invest in their future. For this reason, they support students who do not have the economic opportunity, but do have the talent to shine in business. There are many scholarships for MBA, in the United States or in other countries.

You can always choose to study with an MBA scholarship in the United States and thus achieve your dreams! If you think that studying with a scholarship in the United States is impossible or you simply have no idea how to start building your dream of training abroad, we have compiled a list of the 5 MBA programs that will give you an MBA scholarship in the United States, so you understand the steps to study abroad. And that you select the program that best suits your interests!


Where to find scholarships for an MBA?

One of the big mistakes we make when selecting which MBA program suits us is thinking that if we are Spanish-speaking or have few resources, it is impossible to study at one of these universities.

There are obviously a multitude of websites that can help you find more scholarships. We have centralized all the scholarship information for other MBAs in one place. It's our app: My Scholarship is the tool that, with a few clicks, will put more than 4,000 scholarships at your fingertips in any area and level of study.

Fast, easy and without complications! There are scholarships for a master's program in management, commerce, human resources, finance, …, but also for internships or short courses, why are you trying and learning about the possibilities.

Prepare for an MBA USA or an MBA in Spain, the United Kingdom or Australia with an internship in an international company. Studying an MBA abroad is not something that can be achieved in a day. We keep the cost of the app very low so that many people can take advantage of this information.

Learn about the top 5 MBAs in the United States and what full scholarships they offer you.


1. MIT, Sloan School of Management

Sloan School of Management is not only one of the world's leading business schools, but has a student body and faculty with more than 60 different nationalities.

According to the web portal 20 Minutes, MIT has been chosen as the best university in the world for five consecutive years and it should not surprise us, the same portal indicates that among its graduates and faculty there are more than 76 Nobel Prize winners.

Located in Cambridge (Massachusetts), it has an estimated cost between 60,000 and 90,000 dollars a year and has an admission rate of less than 9%, since its academic standards are very high and selective.

If you want to study with a scholarship in the United States and you choose Sloan School, you have many opportunities to achieve it if you meet their academic profile!

In fact, on its Official Page you will find more than 10 links that will help you choose the right scholarship for you.

If your wishes are to study with a scholarship in the United States. Don't decay! MIT is an option you should consider!

Plus, its Student Collaboration program, which involves students working in teams to solve tasks, will train you for real-world conflicts. As if that were not enough, they demand that their students participate with a teacher in the UROP.

What scholarships for MBA are there?

The Research Opportunities for Students Program (or UROP) seeks to motivate research and the publication of works both among professors and students. So if what you are looking for is quality training, MIT will give it to you!