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What is the Google Adwords platform and what is it for?


Google AdWords is an advertising service offered by Google, which consists of buying a list of words that are related to your business or that are of interest to you to be linked, so that every time they are searched for by users in the search engines, your site appears in the form of an advertisement at the top of the results lists.

This Google service is used to generate more traffic to your website, attract new customers as well as obtain greater reach. A good part will depend on the objectives you want to achieve through this digital advertising system, which only allows the purchase per click (CPC) option, unlike banners that can be purchased by impression (CPI). ).

Given the evolution that the service has had, the ads are not only located in Google search, but also in display ads, which allows the ad to appear on websites; video ads and even in app ads.

How does Google AdWords work?

In a very simple way. By entering the platform of this service you can select the words with which you want your ad to appear once the user begins the search. For this first part, we recommend that you use words related to your product, service or business. For example, if you want to promote the services of your suit rental store, the keywords you should select for your ad could be “suit rental”, “luxury suits”, among others.

To buy the words, you must assign a budget to the campaign you want to activate, and when a user clicks on one of your ads, you must pay a certain amount to the platform, since the way Google AdWords works is by automatic auction. Since there is a possibility that several advertisers select or bid on the same words, Google considers 3 elements to distinguish the order of those ads:

   The price per bid that each advertiser pays for the click.

   The quality of the ad and the advertiser's website.

   Ad extensions.

To determine the quality of the ad and the website, Google takes into account the CTR of the keyword in question, which refers to the ratio of clicks obtained in relation to the times that the word appears. While for the quality of the website, the performance of the ad is taken into account with respect to the user experience within the advertiser's site.

As for ad extensions, these are the ads that offer additional information, but for them to be shown active, Google will decide if the ad will actually improve performance through this extension. The extensions do not generate a higher cost because they work the same as the keywords.

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